It's a very small world...

Sayulita + Maldives


On a film project for Suunto earlier this year, I ran into a friend from halfway around the world.

I spotted Fernando standing on the dock as the crew and I arrived at a small island in the Maldives. We were a world away from the last time we saw each other on another shoot in Sayulita, Mexico (top photo) but instantly reconnected.

As it turned out, Fernando had been hired as one of the water athlete models for the Suunto shoot (bottom two photos).

By sheer luck, we'd been randomly chosen to stay together during the shoot. We shared a gorgeous 2-bedroom "honeymoon" bungalow with a glass floor for reef-viewing and an infinity pool — although I have no clue why you'd need a pool when you're literally hovering over the 80 degree waters of the Indian Ocean!

It was a random but happy accident being on another shoot with Fernando. With the benefit of having worked together before, I knew I would get the shots I needed. Fernando is an impressive athlete and an amazing fitness model.

Who knows where in the world we'll run into each again?